Custom Booth

Custom Booth

Design your own booths, choose your style, fabric and inner back.

Built to last:

Our booths are built to last because of our construction selections.

All of our frames are build from 3/4 plywood using glue, staples and screw on every joints to insure a solid frame

Seat frame is built solid with 3/4 plywood frame and top with 3/8 plywood to give the seat a solid top
(no springs – your customers will start to feel the springs after a few months)
3″ foam rapped in fiber padding and covered with your choice of vinyl (bonded leather) or fabric.
All seats are removable for easy cleaning.

Inside Back:
3/plywood frame covered with press board backing with 1 1/2″ foam and fiber padding covered with your choice of vinyl (bonded leather) or fabric.

3/4 plywood frame with corner straps for floor mounting covered with a very durable black vinyl (Standard ).

Single / Double
– Standard booths are 48″L × 23″D × 40″H
Can be customized to:
24″ AND 56″(60″) Long – longer sizes will be built in pieces

Multiple sections built to any length to accommodate the finish size

Can be build as right or left side

U-Shape or Corner
Built in 3 sections can be configure as U-shape or corner booth

Half Moon / Round
Built in 3 sections can be configure as full round, half or quarter booth

Not all booths need to be rounded or square new restaurant design add curved booths or booths that rap around a wall we can help you to build that

*All our booths are built 40″ standard height

Back Options:

Plain Back

Channel Vertical

Button Back



Channel Horizontal

Box Button


All of our booths are priced with plain back with the exception of booth style designed with it. The choices to choose any back design to go on any of our standard booths.

Outer back
Most single booths are usually wall mounted but sometimes our customers would request a free-standing booth with a finish back.

Options include:
Finish upholstered
Wood trims in combination with all options.

Trim Options:

info coming soon

Base Options:

All of our booths come with our standard black Vinyl

Customer can request it unfinished so they can have it covered with wood trims, tiles, metal or paint

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