Kitchen Seating

Rethink you Kitchen / Dining Area

In many homes your kitchen is the main focus when entertaining, dining or even lounging around with the family and friends. Kitchen banquettes can add an amazing twist into your home decor by replacing old chairs or dining seating.

Many kitchens act as the heart of the home, homeowners are now rethinking the standard dining set for their small spaces replacing it for style and comfort.

From a functional perspective both booths and banquettes offer an efficient use of space. Majority of our seats are built into the wall, it allows a traffic free path taking up less space and seating the same amount of people, or more!

Often built into a corner U-shape, L-shape or oval shape, they provide a cozy, intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

We know that all home spaces are not created equally or alike and that almost all kitchen’s are designed differently V3 Seating provides exceptional products that can custom fit anyone’s size, wants, and needs.

Choose your Size:

What to consider when choosing the size of your booth:
• Max number of seating wanted
• Table size – We recommend having a table size or table prior to ordering your booths as it is harder to find a custom table that match amazing custom seats!

Shape Options:

When creating custom seating for your home the shape will be determined by your space.

Regular seating can be built to your space or custom to fit your wall or counter space

Single Facing

L-Shape Left or Right


Half Moon


Window Seating

Or custom to fit wall or counter space

Storage Option:

Who doesn’t need additional storage? The base of a booth can always provide additional storage.
Storage boxes, drawers, doors or open storage to access the space inside the base are available upon order request.

Lift Up or Removable Seats

Drawers on side or front


Open Storage

Inner Back Option:

You can choose any of our booth back options or bring in your own designs!

Request a quote: Send us a photo of your space along with measurements or dimension of what you would like – together we can create the perfect space.

Link to back options available in custom booths

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